Nuremberg, Germany, 20.11.2023 (lifePR) – From December 1 to 24, 2023, the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt will take place on the Main Market Square. The new Christkindlesmarkt Neighborhood in the Nuremberg Neighborhoods Web App, the Instagram Channel of the Christmas Market as well as the Christmas Pass are the principal focus of the Nuremberg Convention and Tourist Office (CTZ) this year.

Overnight Stays 2022 and Forecast 2023

December 2022 saw 323,995 overnight stays. Two-thirds of the stays were from guests from within Germany; one-third from international guests. “Although the market is shorter this year, a random sample has shown that the hotels are pleased with the forecast for this December. The survey shows that the occupancy rate on Advent weekends is 65%. On the first two weekends it is even higher,” said Yvonne Coulin, Managing Director of the Nuremberg Convention and Tourist Office. “Whether we reach the level of 2019 is dependent on how additional short-term bookings will affect performance in December. We expect a good result in 2023,” said Yvonne Coulin.

New Instagram Channel @christkindlesmarkt.nuernberg

Beginning this year, the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt is represented on the social media platform Instagram. The channel serves as an inspiration for expeditive and other social-media-interested target groups and contains newly edited content about the market. Anecdotes and behind the scenes information round out the offering. Reposting of material from other users will increase the visibility of the Christmas Market on Instagram.

Christkindlesmarkt Neighborhood

During Advent, a new Christkindlesmarkt neighborhood will be temporarily added to the Nuremberg Neighborhoods Web App. This will allow the famous Christmas Market to be experienced in a new way. The digital travel guide contains anecdotes about the market, exciting behind the scenes material and stories about the merchants at the Christkindlesmarkt. “We’re happy that, for the first time, we can place in the hands of all national and international guests a complementary way to enhance their traditional Christmas Market visit – through hidden stories and new insights provided by a digital guide,” said Yvonne Coulin. In addition to unusual gift ideas, one can discover the vegan and vegetarian variety available at the market. For individual expeditions through Christmas City Nuremberg, special coupons round out the offering in the Web App.

Available Again: The Nuremberg Christmas Pass

Ideal for companies, tour operators and individual guests to the market, the Christmas Pass offers a variety of coupons for a visit to the Christmas Market. In addition to “Drei im Weggla” (three bratwurst in a bun), mulled wine in a take-home 2023 motif cup and an Elisen gingerbread from Lebkuchen Schmidt, the Christmas Pass includes a coupon for a visit to the crèche exhibit in St. Egidien as well as a postcard of the Christkind and a self-adhesive seal with the logo of the Christkindlesmarkt. It is available for 15 Euros online, in Tourist Information at the Main Market Square and, after December 1, 2023, in Tourist Information in the Craftsmen’s Courtyard.

Themed Routes to Explore the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt

In the lanes of the Christkindlesmarkt, specially themed routes allow guests to discover the hidden treasures of the market. New for the Christmas Market 2023 is the reappearance of a tour which features booths which work for a good cause. The trail leads to specific dealers who support social initiatives with the proceeds of the sale of their products. Additional routes show Nuremberg originals, culinary and regional delicacies, unique licensed products or one-of-a-kind gift ideas.

Online Services for the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt

The digital events calendar at the website contains more than 400 events surrounding the Christmas Market – from church concerts to Christmas exhibits to special Christmas tours. This year, one can also purchase tickets for rides with the historical post coach of the Museum for Communication online at or in Tourist Information on the Main Market Square or in the Craftsmen’s Courtyard. The purchase of an online ticket allows expedited entry via a fast lane. In addition to the digital event calendar, a booth plan is available online and it has an improved search engine for products and information about the merchants.

Services for Tourist Coaches

For national and international tour operators, the proven system to control the flow of tourist coaches will continue this year. Bus drop-off and pick-up points for guests will again be available in Grasersgasse, Vestnertorgraben and Marienstraße. The bus team can drive to a special bus parking place in Bayernstraße for the duration of the visit. Upon entry, bus drivers receive a welcome package with an Elisen gingerbread from Lebkuchen Schmidt, a coupon for a bratwurst bun and beverage and, upon request, a ticket for public transportation.

New Main Sponsor of the Christkindlesmarkt: Lebkuchen Schmidt

From this year onward, this traditional company, founded in 1927, will support the most famous Christmas Market in the world as part of a long-term agreement. In return, Schmidt will receive a logo presence on the advertising material of the market. The cooperation also stipulates that the company may include official licensed products in its assortment. The kickoff is the first original “Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt Stollen”, that now expands its product range.

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